Entrepreneurship and Schools

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Is there a right age for entrepreneurship to be taught?


Is learning about entrepreneurship a big man’s job? Should children be taught about entrepreneurship at a young age? What is the right age to learn about it?

We are taught basics from a young age so that the knowledge is instilled deep inside us. It won’t be fair to say that the people are born with entrepreneurship skills, it is a mindset and a skill, which can be taught and honed well. They say if you are a young entrepreneur, you have more chances for a trial and error method, to fail and succeed.


Why should entrepreneurship be taught in schools?


  • Preparing for the future: I’m sure you all remember when the recession hit. I am sure you all know how there are lack of jobs/ lack of good salaried jobs, so why not prepare this generation for what is stored for them in the future? Why not teach them to execute their ideas in the best possible way from the first step.


  • Risk takers: We know how a startup requires risk taking people, who are not afraid to fail. We also know how the young generation are a willing risk taking crowd and how they are experimenting every now and then. Imparting knowledge at an early age makes the student experiment at a right direction.


  • Quick Learners: Curiosity creates the path to gaining more knowledge. To satisfy one’s curiosity, they want to learn about it quickly. Kids are quick learners and are full of energy. To conduct this energy with the right knowledge, into the right path, entrepreneurship skills should be taught from school.


  • Practical Knowledge: Entrepreneurship teaches practical, real world skills to everyone. From the starting, the students are taught to have practical knowledge and dig deeper into their curriculum and implement it in real life.


Apart from value education, teaching entrepreneurship courses in school as a part of curriculum would impart some lifelong traits in them like:


  • Patience: Developing a business is not a day affair. An entrepreneur should be patient and have faith in its business to succeed.


  • Adaptability: Adapting to the flow of business as running a business is not smooth.


  • Hunger to achieve: A sense of achievement brings us happiness. And business requires one to have the hunger to achieve and achieve more. This is a trait which makes a person successful in life even if they do not take up the path of entrepreneurship.


So, why shouldn’t be children taught at a younger age to learn about how to run business? Taught to deal with problems they’ll face in real life? Taught to take risks in the right direction and be creative?


Teaching students about entrepreneurship helps them broaden their horizon, gain more knowledge, satisfy their curiosity and hone up their creative ideas. And help them stepping up their big game from a small age.

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