Startups and Hiring

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Startups and Hiring


We have been talking about startups a lot. When do you know it is the right time to bring members into your business and expand the family you created?


Once you have planned and kick started your own venture, you need to expand the reach. This can be done by a few helping hands along with you.


When-How-Who should you employ?


If you are a solopreneur, start hiring by looking for a co-founder. Co-founders are essential for your company as they help with managing people, money, gives out general advices. Matching of mentality with your co-founder is essential considering they are going to know about your company in and out and would further help you with hiring process.


Hire employees only when you are sure the task to be done generates money. Now, we don’t want any cash flow issue with the hiring. If you hire in the initial stage of your startup, you have to give out salaries even before you are generating revenue for it.


Before hiring, be clear with the requirement of the skill set you are looking for. Many entrepreneurs know the basic, vague description of the job profile they require. Be specific about the skills, it helps with selection of candidates for the post.





When not to hire:


Do not hire in desperate needs. No hasty decisions ever lead to a good hire. Blinded by the need, you end up hiring wrong person.


If you have not planned out the division of work before hiring, the new hire will be confused with what to do and this will not be beneficial to anyone.



These were a few tips to help you with the hiring process. For more help and mentoring, register with us at

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