As a mentor, you would be responsible for guiding the startup that you will be helping and be more of a role model to them. Offering your advise to startups that are looking for guidance from experienced people like you will not only benefit them but also help you give back.

No, it is not your responsibility. Mentorally will check every mentor’s and startup’s profile and match their algorithms to make a perfectly matched mentor/startup relationship. However, you are also free to search for a startup based on your preferences from among the startups registered on our database.

Yes, you do. Anytime we match a potential startup with a mentor for them, the mentor still reserves the right to accept or decline the association due to any reason that they consider fit.

Depending on the time slots you have chosen during the time of your registration, you will be able to manage a calendar. We will keep in mind these time slots, before matching you with a potential startup.

Yes, that is precisely why you have a calendar with you. You can easily share your experience and guide more than 1 startup and do so by managing it via your calendar.

There are a lot of options when it comes to being able to connect with the startup(s) that you are mentoring. You can chat via our platform inbox feature or you can also exchange phone numbers to stay in touch outside of your calendar.

There are many benefits that you will be able to gain by mentoring. The whole experience, apart from providing you with the chance to share your knowledge, will also benefit you financially and will even help in creating possible investment opportunities.

Yes, you can. You can charge an hourly rate for sharing your experience and skills with startups that are in need of it.

Mentorally screens each and every startup profile before giving them thumbs up to continue on the journey.

If by any chance you are not getting along with the startup that you are paired with then you can contact our team regarding the same on our customer care numbers or email.

Don't worry, based on t details you have filled up in your profile, the mentorally algorithm will be able to create suitable matches of potential mentors based on the key parameters of your requirements.

Every mentor profile is subjected to a screening by the Mentorally team prior to approving it. So we do detailed checks on every user that we have on our portal.

Yes, they do. Anytime you send a request to a mentor, he/she has the right to accept/decline your request. You will be notified when that happens.

Mentorally provides you the facility to interact and chat via our platform inbox feature. If you also want to interact via video calls then that too can be done.

When wanting to establish a suitable mentor-startup relationship, the algorithms create a match basis key aspects of your startup and your mentoring requirements. If despite that things don’t work out you can notify the mentor or reach out to us on phone or email and we will help in a smooth exit from the association.

When you sign up with us, you are asked to tell us what time slot is convenient for you when interacting with a mentor. This too is taken into account when we choose a mentor for you from our database.

The mentors that we have are established and experienced in their respective fields. By connecting with them, you will be able to gain from their expertise, cultivate a sharper focus on what is needed for growth professionally and you will also receive critical feedback in some key areas as well.

Do not worry, in such a case you can either search through the mentor database or we will auto recommend some more professionals to mentor you.

No you cannot. You can only ask to be connected with one mentor at a time. If in case that particular mentor declines your request, you can get connected with another mentor.

Currently, Mentorally is free to use and there is no registration service fee. The mentors, however are free to charge for their mentoring services.