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Since  2019

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We 360Pano are working on virtual reality services such as virtual tours for coworking space. the virtual tour is a service which can people to show the property with virtual reality, as well as customer, can experience any place without visiting there physically.
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Virtual Tour is a Service which consumers can use to show their property to anyone anywhere in the world. We are providing VR integrated virtual tour which customer can experience in virtual reality can have a felling visiting that place in virtual reality.

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Information Technology (IT)
Year of Incorporation
Annual Revenue
0-10 lakhs ( INR )
Team Size (Excluding Founders)
1-5 people

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  • Branding
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Branding
  • Innovation
  • Product Management
  • Angel Funding
  • Team Building
  • Productivity

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1-5 years

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Education - Graduate
Institute - Ihm faridabad
Year - 2014

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Amit chauhan - Amit Chauhan has a background in sales and management. He is an ex-student of Hotel management and has two-year experience in sales.
Sandeep singh - Sandeep Singh has a background in computer science. He has an experience of one year in working in IT .