Cheque Payment


Kishan Patel

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Cheque Payment
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I want to Provide Online Cheque Payment Solution.
Product/Service Summary
I will develop a platform from where any person who want to give cheque payment to another person will be able to give without meeting each other.I will provide digital transfer of cheque with strict verification.

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Financial Services
Team Size (Excluding Founders)
1-5 people

Areas Where a Expert Should Come In

  • Business Plan/Model
  • Financial Consulting
  • Go to Market Strategy
  • Sales & Lead Generation
  • Growth Strategy
  • Online Promotion
  • Innovation
  • NonProfit
  • BootStrapping
  • Venture Capital
  • Crowdfunding
  • Angel Funding
  • Media & PR
  • Public Speaking
  • Team Building
  • Productivity

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Professional Experience
1-5 years

Education details

Education - Graduate
Institute - Government Polytechnic,Ahmedabad
Year - 2019

Members of the founding team

Kishan Patel - I am Currently Student. I have recently Completed my Diploma Engineering in Computer Engineering. I want to Start Startup now.

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