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Sector – Built Environment (Updated version of Industrial Design/Automation) Industry-Design, Engineering, Consultancy and Digital Networking SNOWL is a venture that deal with the “BUILT ENVIRONMENT” sector. built environments are typically used to describe the interdisciplinary field that addresses the design, construction, management, and networking use of these man-made surroundings as an interrelated whole as well as their relationship to human activities over time (rather than a particular element in isolation or at a single moment in time) SNOWL – Create an artificial ecosystem which provide access to users or industry to create network between them. After creating network it provide a circular chain of generating infrastructure or resources among them. In this we provide- 1. Digital Network-Social Networking Site 2. CBM System – To generate infrastructure 3. Professional Firm – That provide one roof solution between same sector but multiple discipline
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1.Social networking site 2.Industrialdesign/consultancy firm (deal with architecture, software,startup,design)

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Information Technology (IT)
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0-10 lakhs ( INR )
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11-20 people
: What Help You Are Seeking From Incubation center ? We need an advisory body consisting of industrials, venture capitalists, technical specialists & managers for established to help “SNOWL” realize our idea execution through a range of infrastructure, business advisory, mentoring & financial services such as : Business Planning Company Formation Legal & IPR Assistance Managerial Support Technology Support State-of-the-art Infrastructure Venture Capital Funding Networking Collaborations & Alliances Mentors Board Members & Advisors Team Development

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  • Business Plan/Model
  • Growth Strategy
  • Software Development
  • Venture Capital
  • Angel Funding

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1-5 years
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Education - Professional Certification
Institute - Espark-viridian
Year - 2018

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Vinay Kumar - Design and Architecture for me...."a dialogue between environment and society." Graduated from Amity University and Specialized skills in Graduation :- 1.Product design 2.Sustainable design 3.Furniture design 4.Interior Landscape design 5.Innovative interiors 6.Interior Styling 7.Regional Development (universal) design 8.Vastu Shastra NIIT - 2007 to 2016 (10 years) make an "IT" Enthusiasm. "Suffer from Dyscalculia Syndrome"-- I can't say that my Dyscalculia disability has helped my work , but it has allowed me to concentrate on research without having to lecture or sit on boring committees. Sex educationist - I believe that we need better sex education in our own culture, here in India, so that young folk learn about things like venereal disease before they encounter it.

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